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It is all about your vision here at Karingal Optical with our stated aim to produce for you a perfectly crafted spectacle solution customised to your visual and lifestyle needs. The Karingal Optical point of difference revolves around formally qualified and experienced Optical Dispensers using their knowledge and skills to design, then dispense premium personalised spectacles for each customer. There is an art and science to producing fine eyewear! Our dispensers will assess your prescription profile, work, pastime or hobby requirements before going to work on the best eyewear solution perfectly fitted to the wearer.

Karingal Opticals dispensers may choose to use a single vision lens for some wearers, this lens profile will deliver the maximum width field of view at the prescribed working distance. Those experiencing digital eye strain as our lives become more and more screen based will find clear, comfortable vision wearing Zeiss digital lenes which are also offered with the protection of a blue light removing coating.

Multifocals are a commonly dispensed lens design allowing the presbyopic wearer to enjoy clear vision with an incredible depth of field, from your reading zone clear and sharp at 40 centimetres, through an arms length working distance  to driving down the highway enjoying superb acuity hundreds of metres away. The technical excellence with the Zeiss multifocal designs delivers a cutting edge multifocal pattern that is incredibly easy for wearers to adapt, large fields of view with industry leading UV protection. These benefits are not available in the generic brand lenses used elsewhere, don’t your eyes deserve the best?

Those who spend long days at a computer work station will benefit from wearing a Zeiss Office lens profile. The Office lens uses similar technology to the multifocal to enhance the depth of field for the wearer which delivers sharp focus for multiple working distances, a benefit that cannot be delivered with a single vision lens. Your computer monitor, keyboard and print working distances will be clear and sharp whilst offering full protection from the fatiguing and dangerous blue emitted from our screens.

Prescription sunglasses by Karingal Optical is where clear vision and glare protection join as one. Prescription sunglass lenses by Zeiss, Maui Jim or Mako will be customed to a sunglass frame perfect for its purpose and personally fitted for a great summer look with a comfortable fit. Your Karingal Optical prescription sunglasses will make for safer, more comfortable driving while also making your outdoor fun time more enjoyable.

The skill set and experience of our Optical Dispensers is perfectly suited to deal with difficult or complex prescriptions. With all spectacle jobs, the custom design process involving lens profile, lens material and selection of the most appropriate grinding laboratory to produce the best form lens is of the highest importance. High lens power or complex prescriptions make this design process a priority to deliver clear vision to the wearer in a lens of minimum thickness and weight, a job best performed by Optical Dispensers with formal qualifications matched with decades of experience.

Each and every pair of spectacles dispensed by Karingal Optical is unique to the wearers visual tasks, prescription and lifestyle, please call Karingal Optical to discuss your perfect eyewear solution.


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